Gardening Tips for May 2016

Dear Gardening Friends,

  • Hate to tell you but it’s still too early to put annual plants in the garden. This includes annuals and vegetable starts. Keep in mind the soil and the night temps have to be 50° degrees or more. The nights are still below 50. Keep in mind, the final average frost date is late May. That’s why planting is traditionally done Memorial Day weekend.
  • It’s still a good time to divide and move perennials in your garden. They are used to the soil and air temperatures. If we have a dry spell like we just had be sure to keep them well watered. I moved a lot of plants the day before it was supposed to rain last week, then it didn’t rain and I spent the next week watering daily.
  • As you work in your garden think about the garden problems you had last season. Many plant problems can be avoided with improved gardening techniques. A few examples are:

Powdery mildew – simply dividing or moving susceptible plants to give them better air circulation can do a lot to prevent this problem.

Black spot and other fungal diseases – thorough clean-up of last year’s leaves will help prevent problems this year.

Disinfecting pruners, trowels, even your hands after working on a diseased plant will help prevent the spread. A spray of Lysol works well.

Buy disease resistant varieties.

If you use a fungicide or other spray be sure to look for one that is not toxic to the environment. There are many such coproducts available.

Fungal treatments must be applied BEFORE symptoms appear.

  • When buying plants, look for healthy foliage and plants in bud rather than full bloom. This is a tough one as everyone loves to see the instant color in their garden. However the plant will spend a lot of energy keeping those flowers going rather than putting down roots. This is true for annuals or perennials.
  • If you have extra perennials, share them with a friend or check with your local Garden Club to see if they can use them for a plant sale or community project.

Garden Consultation: Now that the perennials are up, it’s an ideal time for a garden consultation. I can help you decide what needs to be moved, divided or removed from your garden. We will cover whatever questions and concerns you have from maintenance to disease and insect control. Just give a call or e-mail.

Sustainable Lawn Service: I recently met Eric Chase, owner of The Greener We, a sustainable lawn mowing service. He uses cleaner, quieter, all electric equipment. Check him out at

Plant list for 2016


Lilac – Little Miss KIM

Potentilla- Gold Drop

Pin Cherry



Siberian Iris

Lambs ears

Iris – mini – deep purple

Black-Eyed-Susan (2 varieties)

Cranesbill – lavender

Part Sun:



Coral Bells –white

Astilbe (dwarf)

Astilbe – deep rose

Astilbe – white

Astilbe – lavendar

Candelabra primrose




Dwarf Comfrey

Violet – purple

Toad Lily – 2 varieties

European Ginger

Curley Ginger

Epimedium – pink  & yellow

Dwarf Solomon’s Seal

Arum – unusual variety



Evening Primrose

Solomon’s Seal


Gold Star

Viola – purple

Obedient Plant


Aster (white & lite blue)


Fireworks Goldenrod



Northern Sea Oats

Starry Solomon’s Seal


Liatris (white & purple)


Grape Hyacinth



Spirea – Van Houtte

Dogwood – red stem




Shasta Daisy

Cranesbill Geranium – mini

Lily – orange

Variegated grass

Peony – white with pink center


Anemone – white & pink

Bachelor Button

Ladies Mantle


Corydalis –Yellow

Monarda (burgundy)


Wood pea- rare

Bouncing Bet



Hosta – a few varieties


Pulmonaria – Raspberry & white

Lenten Rose  – variety

Sweet Woodruff

Primula kisoana – rare variety Bleeding heart – pink & white




Tall Meadow Rue

Variegated Solomon’s Seal

Golden Ragwort

Geranium maculatum

Big leaf aster

Early Meadow Rue

Ostrich fern

Wood Poppy


Double Bloodroot

Lobelia – blue

White wood anemone

Daisy Fleabane

Clematis Virginiana

Turtlehead – pink




Wood Hyacinth

Grecian Windflower

I also have a good selection of Hypertufa planters and concrete birdbaths and stepping stones. These make wonderful gifts!

Happy Gardening!

Lyn Chimera



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