Plant List for Perennial Sale 2020

Dear Gardening Friends,

I apologize for getting this plant sale list out so late, but everything is late this season. With the cold wet weather there hasn’t been much chance to dig. On top of that there are many things not even up yet!! Most of my ferns haven’t broken ground. 

This is a time for continued patience even though many of us (including myself) are very impatient. Don’t give up on plants that haven’t shown up or shrubs that are late to leaf out. A few days of warm weather will do wonders.

Below is a list of what I have so far. There will probably be more added in the next 2 weeks. There will also be plants available which are already dug and potted but not spoken for and some concrete and hypertufa pieces available.

The sale will be from Monday, May 25th through Saturday 30th, 9 – 5. To avoid everyone showing up on the first day it will be by appointment only. Call or e-mail to set up an appointment. My contact info is at the end of this tips.

Please send your order via e-mail and indicate which price range you prefer. I will have your order ready for you. This is first ordered first served. You do not have to pre order to come to the sale. If you have any questions, please contact me.

The sale is located at my home at 170 Pine Street in E Aurora, Ellen Folts will be bringing her pre-ordered natives for you to pick up at the same time. To order from Ellen go to her website at

Plant List

Plants marked “fresh dug” will only be dug if ordered. Some of them aren’t up enough yet to dig and with the weather being so cold and wet, some I just haven’t gotten to. There will also be plants available that have not been ordered that you can purchase that day. Prices are based on size of division.


Hydrangea Annabelle – the classic hydrangea, white blooms fade to green, 4×5, full to part sun, 3 a@ $15

Potentilla, Gold Drop – blooms yellow all summer, small size 2×3, good fall color and deer resistant 2 @ $12

Lynwood Gold Forsythia – bright yellow blooms in spring, 5X7, good for hedge, 1 @ $12

Viburnum – Wentworth – Americal cranberry, 10×12 sun to part sun, large  berries good for birds and jam, great fall color, 2 @ $12

Aronia Brilliantissima Chokeberry – New more compact variety, 6×8, larger red berries and great fall color – 2 a@ $12. Even can be used for jelly but too sour to eat plain.

Hydrangea Lace Cap, divisions from my yard, part sun 3 X 3, pink , sun to part sun, 3 @ $5 – $8

Low Grow Sumac –  newer variety, a ground cover shrub 18 inches x 6 feet. Great fall color, sun, part sun, 2@ $12


Siberian iris –   have white or blue (not the typical purple) full sun, fresh dug

Shasta daisy – Traditional white daisy, full sun, fresh dug

Tansy – herb used as an insect repellent, fresh dug

Peony – Old variety (came with the house) pink & cream, full sun, 8 @ $15 – $5.     

Monarda – deep burgundy, Sun to part sun, Hummingbird favorite, 2-3 feet high, fresh dug

Part Sun:

Forget-Me-Not – sun to shade, deer resistant, 8 @ $3

Dwarf  Solomon’s seal variegated – lovely groundcover, 5 in. high, 5 @ $5  

Bachelor Buttons, part sun, blue spring bloom, 2 x2, 2 @ $8             

Astilbe (dwarf) , low growing ground cover, strong slate summer lavender/pink blooms, deer resistant, 16 @ $5- $10

Astilbe – variety of colors, deep red, 2@5 lavender 2@ $6 – $10

Bouncing bet/ wild sweet William, 3 ft high, long bloom pink to lt. mauve, full to part sun, deer resistant, 5 @ $5

Corydalis –Yellow or white (some aren’t in bloom yet so I can’t tell the color), shade, spreads by seed, deer resistant, 6 in x 6 in, 8 @ $4


Dwarf Comfrey, great blooming ground cover for deep to part shade, pink fades to blue, 5- 6 inches, deer resistant, 5 @ $5- $10

Lenten Rose – Early blooming, leaves stay green all year, either pink, white or purple flowers, deer resistant, 7 @ $6-$8

Persicaria – Good colorful ground cover for shade, spreads, deer resistant – will dig fresh

Toad Lily – 2 varieties variegated and green, Blooms late summer, partial shade, Flowers look lie small orchids, fresh dug

European Ginger – Excellent small ground cover for shade, shiny round leaves, deer resistant, 8 @ $6-$12

Curley Ginger, low growing groundcover with a curly effect on its leaves, deer resistant, fast growing, 7 @ $5 – $8

Cobra Lily – large leaved member of the Arisaema family (Jack-in-the pulpit), striking shade plant, 18 inches high, deer resistant, 7 (am waiting to see how they come back)                                                                 

Pulmonaria – Speckled leaves with blue turning to pink flowers in spring, low growing, foliage stays nice all summer, der resistant, 8 @ $8 – $5

Bleeding Heart – Classic spring blooming, pink, 2 feet high, 2 @ $2 – $4

Primrose – variety of colors, yellow, fresh dug

Primula kisoana – rare variety , blooms early deep pink on stems above the leaves. Makes a great colorful ground cover, deer resistant, attractive fuzzy leaves,  20 @ $5 – $10

Hosta – a few varieties, minis, medium & large. Most aren’t up yet   

Natives: All good for pollinators


Blue lobelia – (siphilitica), tall blue spiky flower stems late summer,26-32 inches high, full to part shade, prefers moist soil, deer resistant,4 @$6

Goatsbeard – (Aruncus dioicus), large white astilbe like plumes in early summer, 36 – 60 inches, partial sun to some shade, deer resistant, 1 large division @ $12

Black-Eyed-Susan – (Rudbeckia hirta) – classic bright yellow flowers with black centers, late summer bloom – fresh dug

Filipendula rubra – sun to part shade, tall, 72-96 in., deep pink blooms that look lie cotton candy, good for back of garden, deer resistant,  8 @ $8 – $10

Monarda fistulosa – light violet flowers, 36-48 inches, sun/part sun, deer resistant, fresh dug                                 

Part Sun:

Sundrops -Oenotera fruticose, bright yellow flowers in early summer, nice fall leaf color, 2 feet high, deer resistant, 14 @ $3 – $5

Solomon’s Seal – Polygonatum commutatum, 2-3 feet tall, lovely arching form, fresh dug

Golden Ragwort – Senecio aureus, bright yellow flowers on tall stem above interesting roundish leaves, 12-4 inches, spreads easily, sun to shade, deer resistant, 10 @  $5

Big leaf aster – Eurybia macrophylla, fall blooming, part to full shade, large leaves and flowers, deer resistant, 2-3 feet, spreads well good ground cover, dig to order

Gold Star – Chrysogonum virginianum, Lovely yellow blooming ground cover for shade to part sun 3-5 inches, repeat blooms, spreads well, deer resistant- dig to order

Wood anemone – Anemone canadensis, shade to part shade, white blooming in spring, 12-24 inches, deer resistant, 3 @ $5

Flowering raspberry – Rubus odoratus, native shrub in the rose family, 5-6 feet high, spreads easily,  summer bloom with large rose/purple flowers followed by large raspberries the birds love, deer resistant, part sun to shade, fresh dug

Northern Sea Oats – not up yet but hopefully soon

Waterleaf – Hydrophyllum virginianum, 10-15 inches high, blooms white to pale pink in spring, deer resistant. Spreads well as a ground cover, prefers moist soil, 3 @ $6

Blue wood aster – Symphyotrichum cordifolium, part sun to full shade, light blue blooms in fall, 2 feet, fresh dug

Solomon’s Seal – variegated – Polygonatum odoratum, 2-3 feet tall, lovely arching form, small bell shaped flowers in spring, 3 @ $8


Tall Meadow Rue – Thalictrum pubescens, 4-9 feet tall, airy white plume flowers in summer, great for back of the shade bed, deer resistant, 5 @ $8 – $10

Early Meadow Rue – Thalictrum dioicum, 1-3 feet high, early spring bloom with small yellow tassel like flowers, deer resistant, lovely foliage, 10 @ $6

Double Bloodroot – Sanguinaria canadensis Multiplex, white early spring bloom, double petals, looks like a little rose, 10-12 in. high, attractive rounded foliage, 20 @ $5 – $10

Bloodroot – Sanguinaria canadensis, white early spring bloom, 10-12 in. high, attractive rounded foliage 5 @ $6 – $8

Ginger Asarum canadense, excellent ground cover for shade, spreads well, deer resistant, 6-12 inches tall, 10 @ $8 – $12

Twinleaf – Jeffersonia diphylla, 12-18 inches tall, white bloom in spring, interesting foliage resembling butterfly wings, 4 @ $6 – $10

Wood Poppy – Stylophorum diphyllum, blooms bright yellow from spring through summer if kept deadheaded. Forms 2-3 foot clumps in maturity, 9 @ $6 – $10

Jack-in-the-pulpit – Arisaema triphyllum – 12 – 28 inches, interesting hooded flower, deer resistant, not up yet

Don’t forget to contact me for a garden consult. Consults will be held outside only and with masks and distancing. I can help improve your garden and gardening practices as well as answer questions.

Happy Gardening!

Lyn Chimera