IMG_2242Instructional Seminars

Garden related presentations for Garden Clubs or other groups.

5 Steps To Better Gardening – Covers the basics to improve your gardening including site assessment, tools, plant care and composting. Companion book available upon request.

Using Native Plants In Your Garden – What are Native plants and why is it important to include them in your garden? This program includes a power point presentation that shows a large variety of native plants that will grow successfully in our area (including trees and shrubs).

Site Assessment – This is a program originated by Cornell University, covering how to know what will grow successfully on your property and choose the right plant for the right place.

Eco-Friendly Gardening – How to garden without harming the environment (Covers lawn care, general gardening, and composting).

Pruning – The how and why of good pruning technique and the tools you need (Includes a power point with pictures showing examples of good and bad pruning techniques).

birdbathsHypertufa & Concrete Birdbaths – A hands on workshop on how to make hypertufa planters &/or concrete birdbaths or stepping stones. It’s too much to do both with a large group, so one or the other at a time is best. Each person gets to make one.

Sustainable Gardening – What it is and how to incorporate the principles into your gardening.

Gardening On A Dime With Less Time – Saving Time & Money in the Garden. Many time and/or money savings tips for the home gardener.

Container Gardening – How to plant and care for containers, plant choices and a power point presentation of creative ideas for containers.

img_classesOn-site garden consultation

Consultation in one of your garden club members’ gardens. This was developed for a garden club at their request. It was a huge hit. It’s best with a small group of under 30.

Individually designed programs to meet your group’s needs

Many of the programs listed above were designed specifically to meet the needs of a specific group. We can tailor a presentation to your groups needs as well. Contact us for details.

Fees for group presentations upon request