Consulting & Coaching

The benefits of our services include:
  • Save time and money by growing site appropriate plants and learning how to best care for them
  • Become more knowledgeable about gardening
  • Reduce frustration when plants die or fail to thrive
  • Have a healthier, more luxurious garden
  • Increase your personal enjoyment and satisfaction


Consultations in your garden include:

General Questions and Problem Solving – If you have any problem areas, concerns about how things are growing or just general gardening questions, this is time well spent.

  • Assess growing (requirements/conditions) including sun, soil composition & pH
  • Help you choose appropriate plants that will thrive
  • Identify existing plants, appropriate growing locations and recommend appropriate action
  • Troubleshoot plant problems, trouble areas or general concerns
  • Answer specific questions
  • Recommend design and layout modifications
  • Instruction in proper pruning methods
  • Recommend specific actions timed to seasonal maintenance
img_hyperclassPersonal Coaching in your garden or ours:

Learn effective gardening practices through actually working together to accomplish:

  • Transplanting, dividing and care for your plants
  • Proper pruning techniques
  • Spring or fall garden preparations
  • Recommendations for making gardening less work and more cost effective